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To help our children in Thailand to grow in our vision of discipleship and education, EF began the building of new Mango House in 2014. Securing the government approvals to buy land (which took 9 months), to get building permit, to get an address, to get electricity and a meter, not to mention logistics that goes into a building project in a foreign country, were very difficult and tested our resolve many many times. However, our God was very gracious and provided needed help and encouragements every step of the way. After 1 year of construction, we are finally able to announce that OUR MANGO HOUSE is FINISHED!
We at EF Thailand want to say to everyone who has prayed for us, encouraged us, guided us, supported us, and to every workers and volunteers who has helped us build this beautiful Mango House, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

We know that a house is not a home and more difficult tasks are before us. From taking in more children (our capacity will be 40 at this time) to shaping them into the man and woman that God desires while instilling upon them the values of love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have so much work and tears ahead of us. Please continue to remember us in your prayers, send volunteers, support us to carry on our ministry and on and on... Once again, Thank You!

Elijah Foundation