Extending grace to poor. Through education, we hope to end the cycle of poverty for our children. In many years of doing ministry, we have learned that without proper education, it is very difficult to escape the cycle of poverty in SE Asia. EF seeks to place our children in the best schools possible, and train them with important skills like English language, math, and computer skills. You can partner with us to support a few of our brightest students to grow in understanding God’s grace and be able to pursue a life that God has called them to live.
Extending grace to orphans. For various reasons, few mothers drop off their new babies at our orphanages. It is an agonizing situation and we would rather not provide this service, but due to harsh realities, we know that it is often best for these infants to grow under our care. We do try our best to nurture them and provide for them throughout their lives. We hope that one day, adoption into loving families can be possible but until then, we will raise them like our own. The needs of these orphans are overwhelming as they grow from infants to children to adulthood. Please consider partnering with our Sunflower Orphanage to raise our orphans to experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
Extending grace to young would-be-mothers. Young girls come to cities for work and education. Many find themselves pregnant and most decide on abortion. However, a few would rather have the baby and give them to us for our care. These mothers often live with us in our orphanages and become part of our community for the duration of their pregnancy. You can partner with us to provide counseling and care for these young ladies.
Extending grace to the broken. Human trafficking is common all over the world, especially in South East Asia. Many young girls and boys are sold into many forms of bondage. Elijah Foundation partners with many like-minded organizations that rescue young children from brothels, that shelter and counsel them, and that train and educate them with skills to make a living. You can partner with us to make a big impact in the lives of the broken.