Letter from Rev. Daniel Jung:

I am indebted to the people who paved the way before me. A little more than a hundred years ago, Christian missionaries came to my country of birth (South Korea) and planted the seed of Christianity to the poor, the orphans and the widows. That seed produced a harvest that no one could have imagined. The sacrifice of those early missionaries is one of the main reasons why I am a Christian today. Furthermore, at a young age, I was given the opportunity to immigrate to United States with my family. This move made it possible for me to develop and grow in the vision that God gave me.
When I was very young, God placed a deep desire in my heart to look after orphans and widows. Now, with the help of Elijah Foundation, I am living out my dream and calling. I want to give back just as I have been given and provide Christian hope to those who are in need.
Please partner with me to impact orphans for the cause of Jesus Christ.

About Pastor Danny

Upon graduating from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master's in Divinity in 1996, he served as a pastor in the Chicago-land area for almost 15 years. In 2000, God reminded him of his call to look after the orphans and in 2001, with the help of a few friends, he established the Elijah Foundation in the United States. After many years of traveling to SE Asia, he and his family, with the blessing from his church, followed the call to full-time missions. He currently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand with his wife Sue and his two boys Kido and Kiwon.